Some call me Priscilla DePrimo (comtefabu) wrote,
Some call me Priscilla DePrimo

Focusing on luck and happiness

Focusing on luck and happiness
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I said goodbye to L for like the 3rd time over the past year and a half... we keep bumping into each other, in khartoum, in huizhou, in hong kong. We ambled around kowloon watching all the people burning bins of hell money for the dead at night, leaving food for the ghosts of ancestors (and maybe the homeless as well)... the streetsweepers looking like gargoyles with black umbrella hats clearing the ash blowing in from down the block.... a carnival of a makeshift temple, with every deity having its own booth trimmed in blinking lights and colored paper, rows of burning incense sticks puffing away. It was like a dream, a place that was so surreal there was no room for logic any longer.

I walked L back to her hotel and walked aimlessly for hours in the sidestreets thinking of where i can go from here. Maybe i should jump back to the americans, get a flight to santiago or buenos aires. Maybe i should double back through pakistan en route to africa.

Having no incense, i burned a cigarette and hoped for the best.
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